EPP Potential applications


Our experience in the realization of pieces for the automotive market, joined with the human and technological capacity to elaborate any piece in EPP allows us to offer a great diversity of articles; Such as packaging for agriculture products, construction elements such as roofing sheets and cores for walls and floors, furniture, anti-fatigue mats and some household products.



The following are the main potential applications that the EPP provides:


• Agricultural products packaging

• Construction: ceilings, walls and floors

• Furniture

• Anti-fatigue mats

• Home Electronics


Among other products that can be manufactured based on EPP:

Protection for laptop / tablets, tortillas, components of solar heaters, thermal containers for home hospitals, life preservers, splints, medical immobilizers, safety helmet component, insoles, soles components, bicycle protector, baby seats (for cars), cushion covers, floor mats, baby mats, balls, lunch boxes, exercise mats, thermos fillers, containers, surfboards, interactive blocks.