Automotive industry


The impact-absorbing properties of this material make it ideal for applications in the automotive industry, as it can withstand several kilos of pressure repeatedly without being deformed or broken. As a consequence of the above, the EPP is used in components such as fenders, side impact protectors, seat structures and support fillers, to name a few.


Due to its low density, it contributes to weight reduction of the vehicles, therefore it favors fuel consumption eficiency and reduction of the emissions of the environment.


The quality of our products and our highly trained staff have enabled us to remain as a supplier of important global brands such as Nissan, Audi and Volkswagen; In addition to forming alliances with important commercial partners including SMP, HBPO, Grupo Antolín, Faurecia and Mecaplast.


Some of the products we produce for this industrial sector are:


• Bumpers (front and rear)

• Door pads

• Head Impact spacers

• Tool holders

• Air diverters

• Foot rests

• Headers

• Seat mounts


All manufactured in compliance with global quality standards and preserving the physical qualities of the material, such as structural strength, impact absorption and low weight.