What is EPP?


EPP  (Expanded Polypropylene) is a plastic foam material developed during the 1980´s, which is obtained by expanding up to 50 times the original size of the polypropylene.


Small spheres of this material are used for the production of EPP parts; Which are injected into a steam chamber to create pieces in complex shapes molded to measure.


EPP properties:


• Extremely lightweight

• Not harmful to health

• Color selection option

• Abrasion resistance

• Thermally stable

• No risk of damage during transportation

• Strong

• Eco-friendly

• Recyclable

• Durable

• Thermal insulation

• Energy absorption (impact)

• Multi-impact protection

• Flotation

• Resilience (mechanical memory)

• Chemically inert

• Structural resistance

• Acoustic insulation